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Over the past two years a Steering Group set up by the Parish Council has been developing a new Parish Plan. It sets out the local residents views on how the community should be developed over the period up to 2031, which coincides with the timescale of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan.

A number of public consultation meetings were held and a questionnaire was supplied to every household to gauge opinions. It generated over 44% responses, higher than the average for such surveys, and helped greatly to identify those things that were most important to parishioners.

The plan was formally presented to the Parish Council towards the end of 2019 and was published in February 2020. It will be presented publicly at the Annual Parish Meeting to be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 and will help not only the Parish Council but also other organisations in the parish to set their priorities when arranging events and services and establishing action plans for the years ahead.

The plan is complemented by the Settlement Plan, Buckland Brewer's contribution to the Torridge and North Devon Local Plan.

The first Public Meeting to talk about the new plan was held on 31st January 2018. The Parish Council was very keen to see the development of this document led and delivered by the local community and is very grateful to all those who gave up much of their time to work on the project.

Parish Plan Steering Group Minutes:

1st May 2018  ; 5th June 2018 ; 10th July 2018 ; 7th August 2018 ;

2nd October 2018 ; 6th November 2018 ; 11th December 2018;

8th January 2019; 12th February 2019; 12th March 2019;

9th April 2019 ; 14th May 2019; 25th June 2019; 16th July 2019;

13th August 2019; 10th September 2019





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